Ticket sales close on Monday, September 26th, at 23:55.

You can buy tickets at the event itself but please bring the right amount of cash. We will probably not have change for large bills and we do not accept credit cards or other electronic payment methods.

The Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum can be found here. It’s the one with the elephant in front. The closest subway station is U3 Volksgarten.

Registration starts at 8:30. To enter after 9:00, knock or wave. Since the museum is closed, the door only opens from the inside. There will be people in the front hall at all times.

Stagconf 2011
Stagconf is a unique one-day conference about innovative storytelling in computer games.

You will meet game designers and writers who have worked on games in every imaginable form: from adventures to MMOs, from AAA console to the web, from social games to pen and paper RPGs.

Games are evolving more rapidly than ever. Whole new platforms have arisen over the last few years, each offering new opportunities to tell stories. At the same time, storytelling in games is not a solved problem. Which approaches work and which don’t? What can we learn from other media? What new, innovative experiences can we create? Stagconf is where you will find out.

We offer the following ticket types:

Standard ticket 250 €
VIP ticket SOLD OUT 350 €
Student ticket 125 €
Indie ticket 125 €
Buy Tickets!

The standard ticket gives you access to the conference, and includes lunch, dinner and drinks.

If you want to dive even deeper into storytelling and games, and you have no plans on the evening of Monday, September 26th, the VIP ticket is the one for you. It gives you everything the standard ticket gets you, but additionally you are invited to the speakers’ dinner on the evening before the conference. There are only five NONE left.

If you’re buying a student ticket, bring proof of your current school or university enrollment when you come to claim your badge.

And finally, after many requests, we decided to offer special tickets for indie developers. Defining ‘indie’ is hard. We believe in trust and openness, so we trust you to know whether you are an indie developer or not.

Not sure which ticket is right for you? Just ask us!

You can buy tickets using PayPal or major credits cards.

Space is limited. Our goal is not to organize the biggest conference ever, but to make sure you get a chance to meet the speakers and fellow attendees.