All of us have a deep passion for storytelling and we all love games. When we first set out to organize the STAG conference, we all agreed that we wanted to create the best experience possible. So we handpicked everything, from the speakers to the location to the catering. Because we want you to meet the speakers, mingle with other attendees, learn, be inspired, and have fun while doing so.

Jurie Horneman
Jurie has been fascinated by storytelling in games ever since he played his first computer game in the 80s. After 20 years in the games industry that fascination is still going strong, which is why he is helping to organize Stagconf. He has worked for companies such as Rockstar Games and is now co-founder and creative director of Mi’pu’mi Games.


Jurie Horneman
Andy Schmoll
Andy likes games. So much so that, at one point in her life, she decided that becoming a game designer was the only way to be fully happy. She believes that games can tell all kinds of stories and evoke all sorts of feelings. When she thinks of designing games, she also thinks of the stories she’d like to tell.


Andrea Schmoll
Harald Eckmueller
In the last two decades, Harald created everything from story-driven boardgames, to Live Action RPGs, to text-adventures on the Amiga. Although few of his ambitions got published, he developed an obsession with innovative storytelling. Currently working in the creative industry, he is trying to prove that good storytelling is essential to every form of communication.