Speakers: Stephane Bura

Stephane Bura
Stéphane’s career is a result of how intertwined his three passions are: interactive storytelling, artificial intelligence and game design.

He has been a tabletop role-playing game writer for more than 25 years, exploring how worldbuilding and rule design could be tied to create new kinds of storytelling experiences.

Stéphane received advanced degrees in Artificial Intelligence from Paris VI University, where he researched the emergent properties in complex multi-agent worlds. This led him to enter the videogame industry in 1997, at Kalisto Entertainment, first working on AI tools and then as Lead Designer, striving to push the game design envelope using AI and storytelling techniques.

He since has been the Creative Director of 10tacle Belgium, a game design consultant, a level design / worldbuilding teacher, and is now the Lead Designer at Namaste Entertainment. There, he works on an online project with the goal of recreating the tabletop role-playing experience using advanced AI technology. This is obviously his dream job.

Stéphane is also a game design theorist and tries to better understand and formalize the game design process, so as to find new domains in the game design space to explore. His articles on this subject can be found on his website.

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