Speakers: James Wallis

James Wallis
James Wallis is the director of UK-based social-gaming start-up Hypergame, a company devoted to ‘making social games that are actually social and actually games’.

Previously he was one of the founders of Six to Start, and ran the tabletop-games company Hogshead Publishing for eight years. His storytelling card-game Once Upon a Time (Atlas Games) is a Games 100 title that has sold 250,000 copies, not counting a pirated Chinese edition; and his game of competitive lying The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen has been translated into six languages and was republished by MIT Press.

He is a visiting lecturer in games design at London South Bank University. With his games consultancy Spaaace he has worked for clients like Sony, Hasbro, the BBC and Channel 4, and recently designed a Facebook game for a German pharmaceutical company.

He has also written thirteen books including two novelisations of Sonic the Hedgehog for Virgin Publishing, and has been a magazine editor, TV presenter, Sunday Times journalist, publisher, movie publicist, and ran a specialist games-event management company. In the mid-1980s he set the Guinness World Record for endurance-play of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons at 84 hours, as part of the charity event Dragonaid. He lives in London with his wife and 1D4 -1 children.

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